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Page 60 – Rescued

The Dead Have Issues - pg 60

Wow, Page 60 – another big milestone! I’ve got to say, it feels pretty good to have that much accomplished. Not to mention it’s the return of the News Crew (if you forgot, they first appeared on Page 19)! With that said, I unfortunately have to take another (hopefully short) break. Things have been pretty crazy lately, and without going into detail, I need to focus on my portfolio – I’ve hit a little bump in the road. Rest assured, I will return in full force! So check back soon, as there’s more action packed pages to come in The Dead Have Issues!

This week’s soundtrack is a new one from Betamaxx called “Take Off” – it’s from the new album Plug & Play! I’m really digging it so far and there’s a lot of other cool tracks. The album is upbeat and has a lot of range – highly recommend checking this out. That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon and with more big announcements. Don’t forget, you can always keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks for reading – Cheers!



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