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Page 40 – Duct It!

The Dead Have Issues - Page 40

Wow, page 40! I got this page done by the skin of my teeth, so much going on lately. It always feels like Fall is busier than Summer for me. Anyway, I think this page still turned out pretty good. You know the saying – “If you can’t Duct it, fuck it!” I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a lot of  ‘survival’ or ‘field’ experience. Duct tape would probably be my best friend in a situation like this. Little known fact, as a kid I loved making weapons out of junk using Duct tape. I loved ninjas, so I’d make Swords and Sais… I even tried to make a cross bow once! Yes, I was ‘that’ kind of a kid. Don’t worry, I never used them. I was a ninja, so I practiced control… riiiiight….

Ok, enough of my nerdy childish exploits. This week’s music pick comes from Dance With The Dead! It’s called “Midnight Never Ends” and it’s off of the album Near Dark. I recently picked this album up and have been enjoying it thoroughly. I love the artwork and that’s what initially drew me to them. I chose this track because I think it works well with the page; there’s an element of desperation, but also determination in it. If you like what you hear, I totally recommend checking these guys out, good stuff! That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you here next week – Cheers!



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