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Page 24 – Strange Sounds

The Dead Have Issues - Page 24

First off, thank you to everyone who shared last week’s post! I don’t make any money doing this, so it’s the little things that make it all worth it. So again, thank you! Things seem awry in the cemetery. I don’t think I’d be sticking around after something like that, but you’ll have to tune in next week to see what happens! With that said, next week is the end of issue/chapter 1. We are going to take a small intermission after that, probably 2-3 weeks, so that I can get caught up with this and other projects. I’ll post the exact date next week, so don’t forget to come back next Wednesday!!

This week’s music pick comes from Silenx. The track is called “Rogue Vindicator” and it’s off of Telefuture’s Rage compilation. I really like this track, it’s eerie and kind of spacy. There’s a lot of really cool tracks over on Silenx’s bandcamp too, so be sure to go check it out! That’s it for now, see you here next week for the end of Issue 1! Cheers!



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